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Digital Ad Cast helps entrepreneurs build successful marketing agencies and works with small business owners who prefer to keep their marketing and client relationship management in-house.

Do IT Yourself

No prior experience is required to join the program because all the required skills are covered in-depth through pre-launch training on Go High Level CRM. This includes software, sales and prospecting strategies and service delivery frameworks. You receive step-by-step guidance and support as you work to establish your agency. Most entrepreneurs waste thousands buying and learning different software programs, and then spend months to learn them in order to get started, while still paying subscription fees without any income. Not with Digital Ad Cast. You don't buy any software or third-party subscriptions needed to run your agency until you know what you are doing, you have completed your training, and you have your first client ready to sign up.

Done For You

If you're seeking a hands-off approach, Digital Ad Cast can manage all aspects of the business. You can connect with clients while day-to-day operations are handled by virtual assistants - allowing agencies to be running in a matter of weeks. Digital Ad Cast's offerings for digital marketing agencies also include cold email outreach, social media marketing, automations, reputation management, and much more. The company aims to provide a full-stack range of products and services to help you achieve your growth goals.

Agency Building & Virtual Assistant Program

Turnkey Marketing Agency

If you have no time to set up your own agency or run it, it is not an issue. This is what we offer, a complete one-stop online marketing agency fully managed for you. You just let us know your goals and we start to work on it right away.

Virtual Assistant

Don't have months to learn your new marketing and CRM platform, and no time to run your agency or business? That is fine. We have virtual assistants to do
just that, manage your entire online platform, while you focus on growing your business.

Organic Leads

Nothing compares to free in-bound leads. For that you need a time-tested reliable system. Build your marketing ecosystem to generate organic leads for years to come and continue to grow your business without spending money on advertising or hiring marketing agencies.

Meta Ads

Paid ads are the fastest way to get results. Meta is one of the top platforms where you can generate quick results from paid marketing campaigns targeting people who might be interested in your products and services based on their behaviors and other pertinent data Meta collects on them. But Meta advertising agencies are not priced for small budgets. Our solution to your paid marketing is unique and offers more value than anyone in the market.

Instagram Ads

For many advertisers Instagram advertising yields higher ROI compared to its parent company Meta, or competitor Google. Though Meta and Instagram share the same targeting data, Instagram advertising is more of a brand building through creative visuals. Depending on your industry, Instagram could be a game changer for you.

YouTube Ads

YouTube is a vast social network, and your company can utilize it to develop brand recognition, attract leads, and make sales by using YouTube advertising
services. Join Digital Ad Cast to develop a competitive ad campaign that produces results and an exceptional return on investment.

Google Ads

Google Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising service. Because only clients looking for the terms you choose are targeted, this is the most efficient approach to paid advertisment. As opposed to Meta, where you go after people who are socializing, in Google your ads are placed, via a bidding system, in front of people who are ready to buy, literally, with credit cards in their hands.

This is where we step in with our budget and bid management.

More Services


Your website is your business' home, and your identitiy on the internet. But far too long your website developers have held your website hostage and have been charging you for even changing an image. It is different now. Be in charge of your own site. Our professional websites are easy to build. No coding needed. You take the lead or let us create a growth-oriented website for you that will help you generate leads and start your marketing funnel. With our system you can create unlimited websites and never pay for hosting.

Reputation Management

Your internet reputation acts as a trust indicator, determining whether prospects will do business with you. To build your brand, obtain greater online awareness, and grow, you must maintain a positive online reputation. Our Reputation Management enables you to achieve just that, get more Google and Facebook reviews, respond to them, and dispute any unfair reviews, all from your own dashboard.

Database Reactivation

You have an email list of hundreds or even thousands of past or current customers that you have not reached out to with a new offer? A customer data base reactivation campaign is intended to generate new business from your inactive customer lists.

Why not find new business without any ad spend?

Social Media Content Management

Every business now has their social media links on their website. Why is it so important? People who visit your website want to know more about you. They are on your site for a reason, but they also need some social proof of how you engage with other people or what other clients or customers think of you. That is why it is important to have active social media presence where you engage with people as a business on platforms like Meta, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Your social media presence is your marketing ecosystem that helps generate organic leads for years to come.

Email Maketing

Are you utilizing email marketing's potential in your business strategy? Constant Contact, MailChimp and the likes are not your answer. You have a much more robust email marketing system already included in your platform. So, don't pass up the chance to connect with your clients at the right time and boost your sales. Create unlimited marketing campaigns for with professional templates.

How It works?

Working with Digital Ad Cast is pretty simple. Just book an appointment or contact us via our chat box. Let us know what services you need help with. There is no sales pressure, just a conversation where we learn about each other to see if we are a good fit. There are times when we are not able to offer our services to certain businesses if we feel they are not ready to benefit from our system or services. So, not everyone qualifies. Similarly, you also get a chance to see if we could be a good fit for you.


Agency Setup

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Reputation Management

Database Reactivation

Social Media Content Magement

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